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Corporate Banking

Preserve generational wealth with responsive funding.

Building a legacy requires patience and making the right moves at the right moment. And when that moment comes you’ll need a reliable lending partner.




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Be prepared for the unexpected.

As they say, your luck can change at any moment. From an upside down economy to life’ s events, discuss your needs and concerns with one of our CRE experts to find a path forward.



Win the real estate game, again and again.

When the window is short, speed is the name of the game. UMTB will act fast to help you secure financing before your competitors.



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“I have been a customer of UMTB for over 35 years.  During my relationship with the Bank, I have had the pleasure of working with professionals that provided the highest level of services to me and my companies, and never disappointed me with any request that I had. I look forward to do business with your bank for the next 35 years.”

 John Safi
 Safco Capital Group



"We were very fortunate to have been able to work with UMTB USA on a handful of loans over the last 2 years. The availability of attractive terms and sophistication of their knowledge helped facilitate a very easy relationship of purchasing more than 5 apartment buildings totaling over $30 million in loans. It was a pleasure to deal with the Bank who made it very easy and very comfortable to close on a very timely basis. "

 Rohit Mehta
 Positive Investments



"I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan Park and the UMTB Real Estate team on dozens of transactions some of which had some challenging components, they are absolute professionals and very knowledgeable in commercial real estate finance. I highly recommend the UMTB team for those looking for a great real estate bankers and bank to work with."

 Rao Yalamanchili
 Xenon Investments


Q: What makes us an ideal partner for investment real estate?

You might agree with us when we say that real estate can feel like the wild west. Not all lenders are created equal. We pride ourselves on being the kind of financial partner that accommodates unusual situations and improvises when plans change.

Q: How do we respond when rare opportunities appear with a short window?

We anticipate those kinds of phone calls from our partners. Expect a familiar voice that knows your name to answer the phone. Together, we’ll maneuver quickly to win the deal and expand your portfolio.

Q: How can we help to transition portfolio management to the next generation?

When the time comes, we’d be happy to help introduce your heirs to the world of financing new investments. Bring them into strategic conversations, include them in the application process and allow them to see first-hand what it takes to manage the family’s legacy.


Are you ready for a lending partner that will treat you the way you deserve?