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Analyzed Checking

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Your company has complex cash management needs. With an Analyzed Checking Account from UMTB, you’ll get a detailed analysis of your cash flow each month, helping you to better monitor and manage high transaction volumes.


Benefits of a UMTB Analyzed Checking Account include:

  • Detailed monthly statements that categorize account activity
  • Online banking and mobile banking access
  • Fraud protection with online security features
  • Access to electronic payment services including wire transfers and ACH payments
  • Overdraft protection to prevent insufficient fund fees
  • Earnings credits on your balance to offset fees
  • Transparent and customizable reporting for accounting and tax purposes
  • Pairable with our cash management services for convenient payroll processing and merchant services

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Q: How can analyzed checking help my company?

Analyzed checking can help your company by making it easier to decipher your cash flow to make smarter spending and borrowing decisions. The customized reports generated for your Analyzed Checking Account also facilitate accounting and simplify tax reporting, all while offering the same great features as a standard business checking account, including pairing with cash management services and online and mobile banking.

Q: What is the minimum balance required to open an Analyzed Checking Account?

You’ll need to make an initial deposit of $100,000 in order to open the account. After which, to avoid additional fees, you’ll need to maintain a daily minimum balance. Speak to your UMTB representative for more details.

Q: What are the fees associated with the account?

Your Analyzed Checking Account has a monthly maintenance fee, as well as transaction fees and fees for certain services you use, including wire transfers.

While you do not receive a certain number of free transactions like a standard business checking account, that doesn’t mean you will have to pay for all of your deposits, transfers, and debits. In fact, with an Analyzed Checking Account from UMTB you’ll receive earnings credits based on your account balance, which will be applied to your transaction fees. Customers with high balances and/or a limited number of transactions often pay few or no fees each month.