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Don’t let your idea run out of runway.

We know that every startup is different and has its own set of challenges. That’s why we specialize in creating tailor-made lending solutions for high-tech startups like yours.


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A life-long partner, rather than a “fair-weathered friend”.

A startup will put you on an emotional rollercoaster — full of ups and downs. We’re determined to stick it out and help you navigate every challenge and seize every opportunity.



Lending That Aligns With Your Vision.

we’ll create a custom lending package that fits your objectives and keeps up with your pivots.




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“What truly sets UMTB USA bankers apart is their unwavering commitment to our success. As our company grew, so did our financial needs and UMTB USA was right there, supporting us on our way to a successful exit”.  

 Omer Tadjer
 CEO and co-founder of
 Comeet (acquired by Spark Hire)



“We've embarked on an incredible growth journey with UMTB USA. Their deep understanding of our company's unique needs and their ability to flexibly increase our financing as we've grown has been remarkable. They even partnered with co-lenders to help us secure crucial facilities when needed. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to our success have been invaluable, making them a true partner. "

 Merav Niv
 VP Finance



“Working with UMTB USA has been an extraordinary journey. They possess a deep understanding of tech companies’ dynamics requirements and have consistently provided our portfolio companies with support, flexibility, and innovative solutions. They are far more than just a banking service and credit provider; They are a true business partner that we are glad we can count on. "

 Rinat Remler
 Partner & CFO
 Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)



Q: What makes us uniquely suited for international startups launching in the U.S?

Our branches in both the U.S. and overseas work seamlessly together to give you the support you deserve.

Q: Should I connect with you now, even if my startup doesn’t need a loan yet?

Absolutely! We love developing relationships very early. And when the time comes, you’ll already have an ideal partner who will provide you with excellent rates on your equity money, help you with your daily banking, and even bank financing. Knowing us now will pay off in the future.

Q: What does our applicaiton process look like?

A better quesiton is what does it “feel like?”. The last thing you need is an endless cycle of hoops, questions and callbacks. Applying should be easier, and we’ve made sure it is. Let’s reduce the paperwork and preserve your emotional bandwidth.

Q: Why choose UMTB over other startup lenders?

We’ve learned that sucess is built upon a relationship, not just a rate. Each partner you’ve brought into your venture had to earn your trust. Your financing partner should, as well. We’re not just here to do business. We’re here to see you win, as a partner should.

Q: What’s our experience in working with startups?

Our experience is actually historic, facing down the Y2K scare, and being consistent over two decades through two historic economic downturns — without blinking.


Are you ready for a lending partner who will
join you on your journey? Bank on us.