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Digital banking tools to help your company thrive

Your company needs convenient, secure, and innovative digital financial management tools to run effectively and efficiently in today’s global marketplace. Our Commercial Online Banking can equip your business with the banking products to make that happen.


Use our online banking platform to:

  • View balances and transactions in real time, including payments.
  • Transfer funds between accounts and approve transactions anytime and anywhere using the mobile app.
  • Set up automatic ACH payments and fund transfers.
  • Seamlessly export detailed financial reporting to an accounting program of your choice.
  • Use over 40 customizable user entitlements and approvals for added fraud protection.
  • Make fast, high-priority payments with in-app and online wire transfers.

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What is Digital One Online Banking?

Our online banking platform lets you complete most of your banking account management, from viewing accounts and conducting complex transactions, through our easy-to-use digital portal. Track payments, transfer funds, pay vendors, clients, and employees, manage accounts, and access our corporate cash management services from anywhere—using your computer or mobile device.

Can I pay bills through online banking?

In the office or on the go, you can use our online banking services to send ACH payments directly to your vendors and service providers. Set up recurring payments, send one-time payments and expedited payments, and manage your bills easily and conveniently.

Does commercial online banking offer mobile access and alerts?

Our digital banking platform is fully mobile compatible. Access your account anywhere using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Want to know when a bill comes due or a payment clears? Alerts can keep you up-to-date on your transactions and notify you of potentially fraudulent activity—in real time—keeping you in control of your accounts.

Can online banking provide real-time visibility into my company’s transactions?

Online banking gives you the most current snapshot of your accounts possible, as well as 18 months of transaction activity—including check images. Know as soon as a check clears, a transfer processes, or a payment is received. More than that, our online banking platform will display your pending transactions to help predict your near-term available funds and make sound spending choices.

How does your solution ensure security and data protection for clients?

You can never have too many layers of protection when it comes to your online account security. Our platform features multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption, device identification, user entitlements, passcode and biometrics compatibility, and session timeouts. Worried about fraudulent payments? Our comprehensive fraud mitigation tools—including transaction limits, fraud monitoring, entitlement controls for managing multi-user capabilities, and positive pay—help stop fraud before it starts.

How do you provide technical support and account management for clients?

Just because you are banking online, doesn’t mean you won’t have access to our full support services. Reach out to our customer service via email or by phone, with any questions about your accounts or services.

What types of transactions can I perform through online banking?

Online banking is a robust service that rivals in-branch capabilities. Not only can you view all your deposit and loan accounts, you can transfer funds—through both UMBT deposit accounts and accounts at other financial institutions, pay bills (one-time, recurring, and automatic) through our Business Bill Pay Schedule one-time, recurring, or automatic payments, set up ACH payments, and even send wire transfers.

How does commercial online banking handle scalability and capacity for growing client needs?

From small businesses to large enterprises, our services can handle a variety of commercial banking requirements at every scale. Choose the cash management tools that suit your business needs today, and know that as your company grows and changes, our flexible banking offerings can match your demands tomorrow.


Our powerful digital banking solutions put you in control of your company’s finances—anytime and anywhere.