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Commercial Equipment Financing

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Secure the equipment your company needs in less time

Whether you’re expanding your business into the US, or are looking to increase the capacity or improve the efficiency of your current facilities, we can provide financing for your commercial equipment and CAPEX needs anywhere across the US.


Our customized equipment financing loans can help you:

  • Expand your business and compete better in your markets
  • Manage cash flow, with regular, fixed payments over time
  • Reduce the impact of large expenditures on your cash reserves
  • Get off the ground sooner and minimize downtime
  • Boost productivity and profitability

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What is machinery and equipment financing?

Equipment costs may be one of the largest expenses your company could face. Even businesses with large cash reserves may not want to use all their liquid assets on equipment purchases to ensure there’s enough cash on hand to cover their current liabilities. Commercial equipment loans provide the option to finance your specialized industry machinery, tools, and instruments, with customizable term lengths and monthly payments.

What is the application process for equipment financing?

Before you apply, you should have a business plan which takes into account your expected overall costs, expected growth associated with the new equipment, your capital requirements, and other important details relating to your purchase.

Once you have your plan established, our team can help you analyze your company’s financials and debt service aspects, optimizing the financing facility structure which would best fit your company’s business model and financial outlook. This joint-work approach can also help ensure your application is approved and closed in the most time-efficient way.

What types of equipment qualify for equipment financing?

Most equipment types that you need to operate your business can qualify for a commercial equipment loan. Whether you are looking for medical equipment financing, construction equipment financing, or loans for specialized tools and manufacturing lines, our loans can provide flexible, tailored lending solutions with competitive rates, no matter where your business is located.