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Commercial Term Loans

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Customizable lending options to advance your immediate and long-term business goals

Your business has a long future ahead of it, and you deserve financing options that will help achieve your long-term plans. Whether acquiring another company, expanding into new territories or markets, refinancing debt, investing in equipment, or purchasing the facilities your business needs, UMTB offers tailored commercial term loans for businesses throughout the US.


With competitive and tailored financing structures, commercial term loans can be used to:

  • Support mergers and acquisitions
  • Refinance debt and reduce interest expenses
  • Spread out large costs and improve cash flow
  • Purchase fixed assets including property and equipment
  • Grow and expand your business

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What is a commercial term loan?

A commercial term loan is a credit facility that enables businesses to finance equipment, properties, acquisitions, and other meaningful purchases. With flexible term lengths and amortization schedules, our team will work with you to find the right match of structure, terms, and conditions to ensure a good fit for your business model, your expected cash flow, and long-term business goals.

What are commercial term loans used for?

Because of their customizable nature, term loans for businesses can be used for a variety of commercial needs. Use a term loan to renew equipment to stay competitive, take advantage of business opportunities, finance assets including real estate and facilities, or expand your business. Acquisition term loans can also help you fund mergers with or acquire another company, absorbing the upfront cost into manageable payments and facilitating rapid expansion and growth. Our commercial term loans make excellent financing solutions for middle-market and international firms across the United States.

How much collateral is required for a commercial term loan?

Collateral is an important element of the loan structure that lenders look at when they are considering a loan for approval. The amount of collateral required will depend on many variables including the size and purpose of the loan, your business’ financial health, and other qualitative and quantitative criteria. Lenders look at your company’s performance over time, available capital, capacity to repay (debt service analysis), proposed financial covenants, and the terms of the potential loan (interest rate, amount, and term length) when determining the amount of collateral required.