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Term Loans

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Short-term and long-term financing available for stabilized income-generating commercial properties

With flexible lengths and a wide range of uses, commercial term loans can provide tailored financing solutions for your unique estate needs.


UMTB commercial term loans can be used to:

  • Purchase commercial investment property, from office buildings and retail space to warehouses and multi-family dwellings.
  • Upgrade commercial properties, including major renovations and smaller improvements.
  • Refinance debt: existing mortgages, construction loans, bridge loans, and other commercial property-related debts.

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What is a commercial term loan or permanent loan related to commercial real estate?

With a commercial term loan or permanent loan, you can purchase new commercial properties or leverage the value in your existing real estate to finance property-related improvements or refinance existing commercial mortgages and loans. Commercial term loans can serve as the final stage of construction-to-permanent project financing for your real estate development project in Los Angeles.

What does it mean to stabilize a commercial real estate property?

When you purchase a new property or need to make major updates to an existing one, that real estate may take time to reach its full income-earning potential—whether it’s a multi-unit property that hasn’t reached its expected rate of occupancy, or changes need to be made to prepare it for its next occupant. A property is stabilized when it reaches its expected rate of occupancy and income.

How many residential units does a building have to have to be considered a commercial property in California?

A property must have five or more residential units to be considered a commercial property which can qualify for commercial loans. Residential real estate includes single-family homes and properties with four or fewer residential units.