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Remote Deposit Capture

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Our cash management solutions can help your company save time and money

With remote deposit capture, you can get your funds faster and easier with fewer trips to the bank.


Remote deposit capture offers:

  • Convenience. Deposit your checks from your office, anytime or deposit your checks from anywhere using the Mobile App.
  • Security. Depositing payments as you receive them helps avoid the risks of lost or stolen checks.
  • Account protections. Cross-channel risk mitigation tools keep your accounts safe.

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What is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote Deposit Capture with UMTB USA, including mobile check deposit, allows for increased flexibility in accepting and processing payments. Instead of collecting checks, filling out deposit slips, and going to the bank in person to complete deposits, your company can use our software or mobile app to capture images of your checks to process them entirely electronically.

How does Remote Deposit Capture work?

With your mobile device or an approved or provided remote capture device, you will scan images or take pictures of your checks to be deposited, submitting them through our online or mobile platform. Our remote deposit capture service will glean the relevant information from the check, including check numbers, account numbers, routing numbers, and check amount, and clear the check using the ACH system. Once the check clears, the funds will appear in your UMTB USA account.

Are there limitations to using Remote Deposit Capture?

Awaiting info on daily/weekly/monthly limits. Daily Limits will be set at the company level based on your activity history.

What equipment do I need to use Remote Deposit Capture?

Does UMTB USA provide equipment?
When you sign up for remote deposit capture, UMTB USA will provide or approve the appropriate scanning device for your use, which will transfer the data to our processing service. For businesses that don’t process a significant volume of checks, you may choose to simply use your mobile device for remote deposit capture. Deposits can be captured and managed using many platforms including PCs, Macs, tablets, and other mobile devices.

How long does it take for funds to become available using Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote deposit capture offers rapid processing and settlement. Your check will begin processing as soon as you submit the images online. Funds typically clear in 1-3 business days, similar to other ACH transactions.

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