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Owner-occupied Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Financing

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Funding your company’s ideal facility to ensure your business success while minimizing long-term costs

We can provide financing for your commercial or industrial property acquisition through an owner-occupied real estate loan—tailoring your loan to your unique business model and cash flow preferences.


Owner-occupied Commercial and industrial real estate loans can be used to finance the purchase of:

  • Manufacturing and Processing Facilities
  • Warehouses and Storage
  • Office Spaces (Class A and B)
  • Retail Spaces
  • Mixed-Use Spaces
  • Medical Facilities

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How does Owner-occupied C&I Real Estate Lending differ from Commercial Real Estate lending?

At UMTB, we differentiate between Commercial Real Estate and C&I (Commercial and Industrial) property lending. C&I property lending is limited to non-residential, owner-occupied properties, like the ones listed above—including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail structures.

What is the payback term for a C&I Loan for real estate?

Our C&I Real Estate Loans generally have shorter term lengths than those for commercial (multi-family) real estate. Your payback term will vary based on cash flow, interest rate, size of the loan, and your collateral. Speak to our team to learn more about the term-length options for industrial property purchase loans for your specific financing situation.