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Corporate Banking

Helping international companies secure funding for US expansion.

Your success and reputation in your homeland deserves to be translated within the U.S. market. We’re here to treat you with the same respect to help forge new paths and open new doors.




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Get the job done, and look good doing it.

We serve as your trusted partner in the backgound. And while we manage the busy work of securing your funding, you can enjoy the professional recognition you deserve.



Future-proof your strategic plan in the U.S.

Economies may shift, exchange rates may change and timelines may shorten. This unpredictability requires a lending partner that remains present and perceptive within an ever-changing business landscape.


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I am glad to have UMTB USA by our side. UMTB USA has always been there for us. Their professionalism and customer service is out of this world. Our team at UMTB USA gets back to us so quick it feels like we are their only client. The relationships we have established with the team, make them like family to us!

 Ido Shifroni
 Plasgad USA



“After years of working with various US banks, we have decided to move all our financial activities in the US to UMTB (Bank Mizrahi USA). This decision was driven by UMTB’s true business orientation and professional approach, compared with other banks’ more bureaucratic and legally-oriented attitude. At UMTB, you are dealing with people who are your true partners – people who would do anything they can to address your needs and make sure you are successful”

 Boaz Roseman
 A.L. Group



“We are delighted to have UMTB USA as our banking partner. Over the past few years, we were consistently impressed with their professionalism and top-notch customer service. Their responsiveness is exceptional, making us feel like we are their only client. The strong relationships we established makes us feel like true partners. We have full confidence in UMTB USA and value our long terms productive relationship ”

 Corporate Treasurer
 Delta Galil Industries Ltd.


Q: What makes us uniquely suited for international companies in the U.S?

UMTB will recognize the reputation your have in your homeland and treat you with the same respect and trust you deserve — from our branches on both sides of the globe.

Q: How can we help make this entire process easier for you?

We provide you a full overview of the process and ensure we answer all of your questions before the process starts. A person, not a machine, will always be available to you during each step of the process.

Q: What does it look like to work with us?

We’ll start with understanding your financial picture, then work with you to design a tailored lending package that will best fit your needs. Once agreed, it’s simply a matter of signing a term sheet, taking it to underwriting and signing off on all documents. The funding lands in your account and your company expands its market.

Q: Why should you choose UMTB over our competitors?

Excellent question! Many on our team have come from our own competitors. This gives us an unrivaled, collective understanding of the entire lending market. And that gives you a unique advantage.

Q: What will a long-term partnership look like with UMTB?

Unfortunately, it’s common for lending partners to eventually stop paying attention to you. On the contrary, we believe the longer the relationship, the more we should be dreaming big together.


Are you ready to expand your business in the U.S. market?