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Wire Transfers

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Our cash management solutions can help your company save time and money

Convenient and cost-effective business wire transfer solutions are essential for companies to compete in a fast-paced global market.


Wire transfers offer:

  • Flexibility. Faster processing and higher amount limits than ACH transfers.
  • Convenience. Initiate transfers using our Digital One Online Banking system.
  • Quick settlement. International transfers are usually settled in two business days or less, while domestic transfers can be cleared the same day.
  • Security. Initiated by authorized personnel and passed through secure networks, wire transfers are an exceptionally safe form of money transfer.

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What are business wire transfers?

A form of electronic funds transfer (EFT), wire transfers allow you to send money directly to both domestic and foreign bank accounts. Instead of being cleared in batches by the Automated Clearing House (ACH)—which only handles U.S. accounts—wire transfers are processed manually by bank employees. Because payments are direct, they tend to be faster than ACH transfers.

How does a business wire transfer solution work?

Sending a wire is simple. When you send a wire transfer, you will have your full payment (including fees) upfront, which can be drawn from your UMTB USA account directly. Along with your payment, you will remit the recipient's bank account information to your bank, including a routing number or SWIFT code. The recipient will receive the funds directly in their bank account in 1-2 business days, right in their account.

What are the benefits of using a business wire transfer solution?

Wire transfers are a fast and secure form of payment, and one of the few global solutions available for efficiently and safely making cross-border payments. And because you can initiate them through our Digital One online portal, you can send them at your convenience.

Can payments via wire transfers be reversed if they were made incorrectly or by mistake?

No. Once a wire is initiated, it cannot be stopped or reversed. That is why it is essential to have the correct transaction information before proceeding and only send wire transfers to trusted partners and vendors.

How secure are business wire transfer solutions?

Wire transfers can be exceedingly secure forms of payment. Valid identification of both parties is required to originate or accept a transfer, and all international wire transfers that are initiated in the United States are overseen by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. As with any accredited EFT, wire transfer transmissions are encrypted and your account information is protected and private.

Can business wire transfer solutions be used internationally?

Yes, wire transfers can be sent both domestically and internationally—in fact, they are often considered the most simple and secure solution for completing international B2B payments.

Are there any fees associated with business wire transfer solutions?

Wire transfers do have fees. Speak with a UMTB banker to understand the fee structure applicable to your specific use case or needs.

Who can I speak with about cash management solutions, including wire transfers, with UMTB USA?

Our commercial banking specialists can answer any of your cash management questions. Contact us today [link] to speak to a representative or set up an appointment.

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